Saturday,June 7th at Harper’s Bar and Grille

Big thank you to Scott Gilbertson, Trent Stroh and Tom Neely for helping with the gear and staging.

Ken Lasaine, John Marx and Trent Stroh did a great job with their bands. Thank you!

We had a nice variety of music for the concert. Rock, Blues, Jazz and an impromptu JTB staff jam at the end.

We also had a full house for most of the show and the support was great.
The bands all sounded great and there were quite a few breakout performances!

Things to keep in mind…
Everyone gets a little nervous, and “amped” up about getting on stage. It’s normal. Remember your audience is there to support you. The want you to succeed. Mistakes will happen for whatever reason. It still happens to me. (Sometimes I even have a hard time remembering peoples names on stage). It’s all part learning how to perform. If anything, I have found the mistake isn’t the issue, it’s how you react to it. Do you dwell on it for the whole set and let it effect your entire performance? Or, do you let it go and move on. Remember, music moves in real time. There is no time to “go back” and fix it. It is what it is. You can always assess your set later and find ways to improve your performance.

For the most part the backstage was better than the last show but we can still improve on that.
Next show we are going rope off an area out side of the curtain where you can store guitars, horns, keys etc…
We will also set up a tuning station there too.

We start up a again the week of June 23rd.
I’m booking the session now and would like to finalize the schedule this week so I can have a little down time. :-)
Please call me if you are in 818-345-8950. CONCERT DATE IS AUGUST 9TH.

John Marx Blues School will meet again on Thursdays staring June 26th.

Thank you,

John Mizenko